The Koala's Room

In the Koala room we follow the Early Years Framework while providing the children with a stimulating environment which encourages the children to explore learn and have fun. The environment promotes and supports the children’s self- help skills, independence and self-esteem while promoting the children’s social development and friendships with educators and peers.

Our ratios of educators to children are high
with a  1 : 4  ratio for 2-3.5 year olds 

(National regulations enforce a 1:8 ratio) 

Some of our favourite experiences

  • Sensory experiences: water, messy, sand, finger painting
  • Block Construction
  • Imaginary and dramatic play
  • Music & Movement
  • Creative: Collage, painting, mixed medium 

Click HERE to view our Daily Routine (Pdf)

Our Educator team

Michelle Kirkpatrick:
The Centre Authorised Supervisor. 
Michelle has been operating this very successful business for over 29 years. Michelle completed the Bachelor of teaching (Early Childhood education) in 2008 and is dedicated to providing quality childcare and education. 
Kim Shepherd:
Room Leader (shared)
Kim has been in the childcare and education industry for over 15 years. Kim completed her Diploma in Community services (Children’s Services) in 2002
Laura Johnston:  
Room Leader (shared).

Laura has been in the childcare and education industry for over 8 years. Laura completed her Diploma in Children’s services (Early childhood education and care) in 2011
Grace Tatum:
Grace has been in the childcare and education industry for 4 years. Grace holds her certificate 3 in Children Services and is working towards the Diploma of children’s services (Early childhood education and Care)  
Rosy Reilly:
Rosy has been working with children for the last 5 years and is currently a trainee working towards the certificate 3 in Children’s Services